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Join-In Holdings Group provides employees with ample career development opportunities and reasonable remuneration and benefits. The company provides induction training, on-the-job training, and career development planning. In addition to salaries, employees can also enjoy paid annual leave, luncheon allowances, and activity grants. Some excellent employees can even get travel opportunities. Join-In Holdings Group is rapidly developing and is sincerely inviting talents and elites to join in its development and to create a bright future together. 

Join-In Holdings Group’s latest recruitment information is as follows:

Audit (internal audit) director

Job requirements:

1 Male, aged 35 to 45, with more than 3 years of experience in audit management;

2 Bachelor’s degree or higher in finance, accounting, or audit;

3 Has the qualifications as a registered accountant or auditor;

4 Has audit management experience in the real estate or hotel industry;

5 Familiar with finance and tax laws, audit procedures, and corporate financial management processes;

6. Solid professional foundation, excellent communication, coordination, and management skills, and good professional ethic and team spirit.

Job description:

1 Take charge of the daily management of the company’s audit department;

2 Draft and improve the internal audit system and process, and develop audit plans and audit budgets;

3 Organize and implement financial audits, management audits, effectiveness audits, etc.;

4 Draft audit plans, audit reports, management letters, and other audit documents;

5 Discover potential issues and risks with the company in a timely manner and propose suggestions for improvement;

6 Supervising the implementation of audit conclusions and suggestions;

7 Take charge of coordination and communication with relevant departments during the audit process.


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