Talent Training

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Employee training and development is a long-term policy designed by the company to improve employees’ performance and boost their career development. Join-In believes that human resources are precious sustainable and renewable resources, and based on the corporate development objectives and employees’ situation, Join-In has developed specific training programs and personal career development plans for employees.

On-the-job mentoring: Immediate superiors or senior colleagues train and guide employees in daily work by various means, such as developing work plans, assigning work, assessing work performance, helping to improve their work, and helping to solve problems.

Two-way communication: In the headquarters and in subsidiaries, employees may have opportunities to be sent to other companies or departments for learning and training. The aim of such arrangements is to help employees further understand the characteristics of each company and department and accumulate practical work experience, thereby promoting inter-company and inter-departmental communication and implementing resource sharing.  

Inspection trips: From time to time, the company organizes management staff, specialists, and employees with excellent work performance to go on inspection trips to destinations at home or abroad. The aim of these trips is to broaden employees’ horizons and inspire new thinking.

Further education: Employees who need further education can send a written application to the company for financial assistance, and the company will grant funds based on the actual circumstances to assist in their study and training.


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