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In the 21st century, the health industry has become a global hot spot. The health industry will become the world's most lucrative industry after the IT industry. As Chinese residents' income keeps increasing, and consumption structure is continuously upgrading, people place great demands on life quality. Therefore, the health industry has a broad prospect of development.

Health China 2030 Planning Summary proposed the strategic theme of building healthy China through "Co-construction and sharing, overall health". This is a mid-and-long term strategic plan in the field of health first brought up by the state government since the founding of PRC. Meanwhile, it offered business opportunities worth 16 trillion yuan to industries such as medical treatment, health, medicine, and health medical treatment big data. Join-In Holdings Group set about the development program of the health industry from the second half of 2015.The Group started to implement the plan at the beginning of 2016. Xuzhou Jiuyi Health Center, which has put into operation, has accumulated rich experience, and laid a solid foundation for the development of Join-In Health Industry Park. Meanwhile, Xuzhou Join-In Plaza Phase II Health Project and Suzhou Taihu Lake Health and Elderly Care Project are being planned. In the future, the Group will be committed to building China's first-class health preservation and elderly care base, benefiting thousands of consumers.

Xuzhou Jiuyi Health Center

Xuzhou Jiuyi Health Center, one of important projects of the health industry of Join-In, is a professional elderly care service provider that provides high quality health care and living services to the elderly. Adhering to the core value concept of "sincerity, kindness, harmony and good faith", and based on Join-In Plaza, a city complex with complete facilities, the center introduced overseas most advanced one-stop continuous nursing and elderly care model, and established a large scale comprehensive nursing center. The center comprises home living area, multifunction amusement area, and medical care function service area. These areas include health management center, medical treatment outpatient clinic, medical treatment observation room, rehabilitation physical therapy room, traditional Chinese medicine health preservation room, bath help room, foot bath room, beauty salon, gym, nurse working station, drugstore and other supporting services. It is committed to providing to the elderly ideal living style and spiritual well-being of "nursing, medical treatment, amusement, learning and working".



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