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The rapid development of China's economy promoted the rise of the high-end hotel industry in China. Leveraging the market opportunity, Join-In Holdings not only entrusted the world's largest hotel group-Intercontinental Hotel Group to manage some of its hotels, but also cooperated with the world famous Italy's Tonino Lamborghini Group. It obtained the right to use of Tonino Lamborghini Hotel Brand for 30 years. It established the only hotel management company in the world that boasts Lamborghini brand —Shanghai Join-In Hospitality Management Co., Ltd., which was successfully listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations (new third board) on 14 July 2016 (stock code: 837927).

So far, Shanghai Join-In Hospitality Management Co., Ltd. has signed hotel trusteeship agreements with many high-end hotels in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Sanya, Zhuhai, Xuzhou, Huangshi, Anhui, Hunan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Shandong and Taiwan. In the next 10 years, it will manage more than 50 platinum five-star hotels (resorts) through trusteeship in Great China (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan), Japan, and Canada British Columbia province.

Suzhou | Join-In Crowne Plaza Hotel


Located beside the Jinji Lake, Suzhou Join-In Crowne Plaza Hotel enjoys convenient transportation. It is not only adjacent to Suzhou Expo Center and Suzhou Science Culture Art Centre, but also very close to Ligong Causeway, Lakeside New World and Times Square where various kinds of amusement and entertainment facilities are available. It is only one hour's drive from Shanghai. The hotel has 344 elegant guest rooms which have strong modern atmosphere and are full of cruise elements. Guests can experience delicious food from all parts around the world, and enjoy outstanding cooking skill and intimate services. Suzhou Join-In Crowne Plaza Hotel, with meticulous and professional services and well-equipped commercial and leisure facilities, is an ideal option for clients on a business or leisure trip.

Suzhou | Tonino Lamborghini Hotel


Suzhou Tonino Lamborghini Hotel is the first Lamborghini high-end private hotel in Asia. With the theme of book culture, the hotel combines Chinese traditional garden with modern architecture, and reflects a strong cultural atmosphere, and the superiority of elegant, quiet, private and luxury hotel. Here, guests can experience graceful and restrained beauty of south of the Yangtze River and Italian aesthetics. Suzhou Tonino Lamborghini Hotel only has 98 high-end guest rooms. Every room has a book room, and a French restaurant serves delicious food 24 hours a day. Guests can get books, magazines, cigars, chocolate, whisky, wine, and such services as swimming pool, gym and SPA. Personalized services, characteristic services and detailed services will offer fantastic living experience to every hotel guest.

Suzhou | Join.In Crowne Plaza Service Apartment


Join.In Crowne Service Apartment is located in the heart of Suzhou’s Central business district, in the China-Singapore Industrial Park, next to the Crowne Plaza five-star hotel. Containing 130 suites and standing 18 floors tall, it covers a prime view of the beautiful Jinji lake. Guests are accommodated with on demand services offered by our hotel VIP service team to fulfill their every need. As experts in servicing high-class guests, our professional management creates a streamlined yet hearty environment. The Join.In Crowne Service Apartment is a place to meet and certainly a place to stay. Proudly rated as a top high-end residence in Suzhou, the Join.In Crowne Service Apartment is a complete luxury experience.

Kunshan | Tonino Lamborghini Hotel


Located in Ren Min Road Commercial Area, Kunshan City, which is in the first place among top 100 counties in China, Kunshan Tonino Lamborghini Hotel enjoys convenient transportation. It is only 30-minute drive from the city center of Suzhou, and 30-minute drive from Shanghai City as well. Kunshan Tonino Lamborghini Hotel boasts 289 guest rooms, which is a model of luxury, art and fashion of Tonino Lamborghini brand. It is a real five star luxury hotel in Kunshan on a par with international standard and made an active contribution to the development of the service industry of Kunshan.

Huangshi | Tonino Lamborghini Hotel


Huangshi Tonino Lamborghini Hotel is the first five star hotel in Huangshi established by Join-In Stock, with convenient transportation. Adjacent to Huangshi Municipal Government, Radio and Television Center, the library, the museum, and People's Square, the building has a fashionable appearance. 378 guest rooms and suites set up the unique beautiful scenery, with all essential facilities. Three dining halls with distinctive features and a lobby lounge commanding a view of a vast lake, a banquet hall that can accommodate 800 guests, and eight multifunctional halls provide comfortable and warm environment for hotel guests on a business trip. Huangshi Tonino Lamborghini Hotel is bringing Italian low-key luxury experience to Huangshi, and will push service level of the tourism industry in Huangshi to a new height.



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